Buying Fair Trade Products Supports Individual Laborers And Farmers

Fair Trade Products

Are you looking for a way to support fair trade this holiday season? Shopping at Ten Thousand Villages is the perfect solution. These stores sell only fair trade products and support the small business and sole proprietors who make them. Many of the artists who create products sold as fair trade are women who live in desperate poverty. These products may also be produced as a community effort allowing community members to achieve a living wage without having to work in the dangerous conditions often found in these areas. Ten Thousand Villages carries a variety of fair trade items including jewelry, purses, clothing, glassware, and home decor items.

There are many stores advertising that they sell fair trade items, but it is a good idea to check these products closely to verify they are indeed fair trade. Check the item for certification by TransFair or FLO International. This is especially important if you are buying online.

Closely read the item description to see exactly what is certified as free trade. Many products contain multiple elements and some of these may not actually be certified as free trade.

If you are in doubt, ask questions or dig a little deeper into the website. If an item is not clearly certified fair trade, it is worth it to ask the question.

Many gift shops like Ten Thousand Village are selling fair trade items. This makes good business and social conscious sense. Including fair trade items will immediately increase the appeal of the shop, bringing in people who may never have shopped there before.

There is a personal element to every fair trade item. These are products produced by hand. They are well-made and usually beautiful. Purchasing a fair trade item make a statement that the buyer chooses to support the efforts of their fellow man or woman.

Fair trade clothing is especially pretty. It often consists of vibrant hues and wonderful materials. You can also find unique items in a fair trade gift store. Many of the fair trade items are one-of-a-kind since they are handmade by artisans.

Fair trade items don’t have to be expensive. Many are reasonably priced, especially when you consider how they are made. The prices are usually set by FLO International and each item purchased helps sustain an individual worker. A part of each purchase price may also go toward increasing education and awareness of the plight of these laborers and farmers.

Selling and buying fair trade items is bigger than supporting just one individual. The entire industry is helping move these workers out of poverty and allowing them to build a decent quality of life. Through the efforts of charitable organizations, the Fair Trade Foundation, and sales of fair trade items, many small farmers, and individual laborers are able to continue producing and earn a good livelihood.

Purchasing fair trade products helps a worker in another country eat for a day or buy medicine for their child. Buying fair trade makes it possible for these workers to keep their dignity and support their families.